Give Discount – Tips to Increase Your Sales with Discount Actions

Give discount on your products. How much discount can you best give? Which discounts are there? Giving customers discounts seems to be an absolute no brainer for many entrepreneurs. Everyone is crazy about discounts. Also companies, self-employed and freelancers are not averse to making a bargain.

As an entrepreneur you may get the impression that you have no choice for your customers. If you want to earn more, you have to temporarily lower your prices. But is the paradox of giving a top saving coupon to make a profit correct? Do you also consider giving discounts? Then take the time for the following valuable tips, suggestions and answers to questions that every entrepreneur asks themselves sooner or later.

  1. Determine a goal for your discount action

Honest? Many entrepreneurs do not know the answer to this question. Or do not even ask this question. They give a discount because they assume that their customers want it or because their competitor does it.

They always have the silent hope that thanks to discounts they will earn more. The main goal of a discount action is, how you turn it or turn, ultimately make more profit. You can achieve that vague goal in many different ways. In order to set up a successful discount action, you must set concrete and measurable objectives.

  1. Is discount really necessary?

This question might as well have been the first. But it is a question that makes you better than others. You have determined a goal and are now considering using a discount action to reach your goal. But there are very likely a lot of alternative means to achieve the same. Let us return to the vague goals from the first question:

You can also recruit new customers by being more active on social media.

Getting a stock of products quickly can also be done by giving them a prominent place on your website or folder.

A new product or service in the spotlight can just as well succeed with a press release that attracts attention among new customers.

Discounting is a convenient solution. We do not want to claim that you cannot do it here. But if you do it anyway, an attempt at an alternative is more than worth trying.

Discounts are not the panacea to make a profit. Always consider whether you can convince customers in a different way than with discounts.

  1. Know your price well before you give a discount

Before you award a discount, it is extremely important that you have thoroughly determined the (normal) price for your services or the selling price of your products. Your standard rates are part of the basis of your pricing strategy, which determines your success as an entrepreneur. Not everyone is willing to pay a high price. Conversely, a low price can encourage customers to doubt the quality of your offer.

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